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Ways to use Carry Trading to generate profits

Investment Strategy "Hold the hedge"

Strategy suitable for Investing with focus on capital preservation. Build up profits steady and beat inflation by collecting the overnight swaps and the weekly triple rollover. Lower the risks of trading in the financial markets significantly through hedging.

Investment Strategy "Release the Hedge"

Strategy for experienced traders, who are looking for higher profits. Generate quicker and higher returns but with higher risk. Profit from accumulated Swaps and banking profits on the winning side of the hedge. Then recovering the losses from losing side of the hedge.

New option: Swap Hunter PAMM

We have created a PAMM investment account for Investors without previous trading experience. The Swap Hunter PAMM is utilising all the Carry Trading strategies: Hold the Hedge, release the hedge and tripple rollover, banking Profits and let the P&L float.


Martin Ziegler
Senior Manager, PAMM Investor

"I was looking for a good investment opportunity in a low interest market. With no experience in Forex or trading. I prefer slow and steady returns, which Swap Hunter provide. Protecting my equity against inflation is my priority and gain a little extra interest."

Simeon Levesque
Simeon Levesque
Professional Trader

"Carry trading is not new, but with Swap Hunter it is easier than ever to facilitate this strategy. It is used by institutional level investors and the banks. I've not seen a tool like this for MT4 and it is very powerful, if you implement it in your investment portfolio"

Joao Monteiro

CEO 4XC.com

"Partnering up with Swap Hunter has proven to be extremely successful. As we see traders looking for alternative trading techniques and styles, Swap Hunter provide some of the best tools for this. We can give our traders swap correlation, carry trading indicators and much more. "