Stock Market at All Time Highs

When is the right time to start selling the Stock Market at all time highs?

S&P 500 Past 10 Years

Stock Market at All Time highs. We are witnessing the longest BULL rally in 100 years. Many economists say this is due to loose monetary policy. Quantitative Easing and now the introduction of Interest Rate Cuts being used to stimulate growth are a major cause of the stock market at to be at all time highs. Also an incredibly strong labor market in the United States is also a cause of this historic rally. With the U.S. at full employment.

US-China Trade Deal Phase one has been reached and this is another market positive. Some say it is just a political move in preparation for the US 2020 Presidential election. It will take some pressure off US farmers and middle Americans who are a large chunk of Trump’s political base. But world famous economist Mohamed El-Erian is slightly more pessimistic than the White House would have us believe. As you can read in this CNBC article.

It is difficult to use technical analysis in order to choose an entry point to sell the markets. As there is so much geopolitical and fundamental news to digest and analyse. The news headlines are coming in thick and fast. And sentiment is changing all the time.

How can Swap Hunter help you with this unpredictable scenario?

Carry Trading is the solution, but the way our software does it is unique. We do not just trade in one direction when using the Swap Hunter software. We hedge correlated assets and play the interest rates differentials of currencies in order to gain Swaps every day. We are hedging so we can lower the overall risk of the market. Our goal is to provide our clients with full support and education in order for them to generate more interest than the Banks.


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Negative Interest Rates Environment.

How do I Earn Interest on my Savings in a Negative Interest Rates Environment?

Negative interest rates is a policy in which cash deposits and savings suffer a charge for storing at a bank. Rather than the conventional idea of receiving interest on your hard earned money.

Instead of receiving interest on deposits, depositors must pay regularly to keep their money with the bank.

This negative interest rates environment is intended to encourage banks to lend more money. This is not the case. Banks are not able to charge interest on the loans to small to medium enterprises or individuals. Therefore eliminating the opportunity to make any return/profit on the loan.

So what do the banks do?

They hoard cash. they only lend to major corporations in order to prop up an artificial economy and stock market through share buybacks. This is where corporations simply buy their own shares to boost the value of the stock.

This is all a side effect of low and negative interest rates and quantitative easing. Introduced by the central banks after the Great Recession of 2007/2008. Incidentally share buybacks are at the highest level in history!

Key Points – The Problems

With negative interest rates, funds you deposit in a bank incur a storage charge. rather than earning interest.

Negative interest rates can be seen during deflationary periods when people or institutions are inclined to hoard money, rather than spend or lend it.

Negative interest rates are meant to be an incentive for banks to make loans during a period in which they would rather hoard funds.

Key Points – The Solutions

How do I get better interest on my savings?

Swap Hunter is a unique and revolutionary trading tool that focuses on supporting new & experienced investors with our unique Carry Trading software & strategies. Watch our easy to understand videos.

With today’s low and negative interest rate environment, our mission is to provide individuals, companies and institutional level investors with better returns than the banks can offer.

We offer training and education on how to use Swap Hunter through webinars, seminars and 1 on 1 training sessions.

We also have fully managed solutions for individuals who lack experience or who simply do not have the time to spend learning how to trade.

The good news is that you do not need any prior trading or investing experience to generate interest on your savings using our software. We will teach you how to do it.

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