Low Interest Rates at the Banks.

Low Interest Rates on your Savings?
Swap Hunter have Developed a Trading System that Generates Daily Interest on Trading Positions in the Forex, Stock and Commodities Markets.

Outperform Low Interest Rates offered by your Bank by using the Swap Hunter Trading System.


Get Paid Daily Interest on your Trades and Investments.


Swap Hunter analyses and calculates the overnight interest you will be paid by the broker for holding your trades.

Our Swap Hunter Indicator Trading System measures the strength of correlations between assets in order to hedge the risk of the market. This provides additional safety & security on trading positions.

Due to the versatile nature of our trading system, you can use multiple strategies in order to suit your level of risk appetite, experience and level of investment. 

We also offer fully managed solutions for people who do not understand or have time to analyse markets, 

What is Swap Trading? 

Or, Carry trading as it is also know as. It is simply when you buy a high interest rate currency against a low interest rate currency and your broker pays you the overnight interest rate differential. The unique thing about the Swap Hunter Trading System is that we use hedging strategies to lower your risk significantly to highly volatile markets. 
We hedge correlated assets and earn interest every day.
Beat the low and negative interest rate environment.
Check out this video from one of our partners, FXTM to explain further.


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How do negative interest rates affect my savings?

Swap Hunter Trading System eliminates these problems for savers.