Japan trade balance

Japan trade balance

From JPY 854.9 billion in April 2022 to JPY 432.4 billion in April 2023, Japan trade balance decreased, falling short of market estimates of a JPY 613.8 billion deficit. The series of 21 months without a trade surplus was the longest since 2015. Exports increased by 2.6% year over year at JPY 8,288.4 billion, marking the 26th consecutive month of growth but the slowest rate since a decline in February 2021. In the meantime, imports fell for the first time in 27 months. Falling 2.3% to JPY 8,720.8 billion, as expenses were decreased by a stronger yen and falling commodity prices, notably oil. source: Ministry of Finance, Japan

How to make money from Japan trade Balance this data? Where is USD/JPY going to move next?

This is what to look out for this week. Pay close attention to Japanese inflation data and Fed Chair Powell’s speech on Friday.

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